Work Principle And Design Feature of Small Freeze Dryer

Introduction on Small Freeze Dryer
Hawach small freeze dryer is a kind of compressed air purification equipment made by freezing principle. After cooling, most of the compressed air from the upstream pipe network containing a large amount of saturated water vapor is condensed into liquid water droplets. Then the dry compressed air can meet the needs of most industries.

Work Principle of Small Freeze Dryer
According to the principle of freezing and dehumidification, the small freeze dryer cools down the compressed gas discharged by the air compressor by using the fully enclosed compressed refrigeration system so that a large amount of saturated water vapor and oil mist condensate droplets are discharged by the automatic drain after the separation of steam water.

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The saturated compressed gas at higher temperature enters the pre-cooler of the cold dryer, the dry and cold gas from the evaporator is exchanged in the pre-cooler, the evaporator of the refrigeration system is entered after lowering the temperature, and the cold coal steam is exchanged for a second time, so that the temperature of itself is reduced to close to the evaporation temperature of the cold coal, and during the two cooling processes, the water vapor in the compressed gas condenses into liquid water droplets and enters the steam separator with the airflow.

The separated liquid water is discharged through the automatic drainer, the lower temperature dry compressed gas enters the pre-cooler, and the newly entered wet saturated gas is heat exchanged to increase its temperature. 

Good Performance of Small Freeze Dryer
Because of its reliable work, convenient management, and low operating cost, Hawach small freeze dryer has become the first choice of air pressure station room purification equipment in various industries.

Design Feature of Small Freeze Dryer

1.  Humanized design: scientific and reasonable structure design, novel appearance, beautiful and generous, easy to operate, maintain, easy to install.
2. The Machine refrigeration system and air system are designed by experts combined with the difference of different working conditions, which can meet the needs of different users.
3.  Refrigeration compressor: adopt high-performance refrigeration compressor, low vibration, low noise, reliable performance, energy-saving, and high efficiency, ensure the long service life of the whole machine.
4.  Special heat exchange design: it can reduce the inlet temperature and increase the outlet air temperature, avoid the water droplets from the pipeline, and affect the production environment.
5.  A variety of forms of control lines: it is suitable for different users of the choice.
6.  Perfect intelligent protection device: special refrigerant high and low pressure protection, phase sequence lack of phase protection, over-low temperature protection and automatic defrosting, fault automatic shutdown, automatic alarm, motor overheating protection, and other protection functions.
7. The automatic drain is set up as required, and the water removal efficiency is high.
8. The unit adopts a unique cyclone separator. Condensate water can be completely separated from the air, and under various airflow conditions to prevent liquid water from coming out with compressed air, to maintain efficient operation, to achieve the best dry and water removal purpose.