Working Principle and Application of Industrial Rotovap for Sale

Rotary evaporator is important equipment in the laboratory. Industrial rotary evaporator is composed of motor, distillation bottle, heating pot, condensing tube, and so on. Rotovap for sale is mainly applied to the continuous distillation of volatile solvents under different conditions. Laboratory rotary evaporator is used in chemical, chemical, and biomedical fields.

By electronic control, the evaporation area can be increased by the rotary evaporator at the most suitable speed. The industrial rotary evaporator is in a negative pressure state by the vacuum pump. The rotary evaporator was heated in a water bath pot at the same time, and the solution in the bottle was heated and diffused and evaporated in the rotating laboratory rotary evaporator under negative pressure. What is more, the rotovap for sale can be rotated quickly and the evaporation rate can be improved greatly with a high-efficiency cooler.

RE200-2L-W-D2 laboratory rotary evaporator

Components of the industrial rotary evaporator

Industrial rotary evaporator comprises the following components:
1. Rotary motor: it drives the evaporation bottle containing the sample through the rotation of the motor;
2. Evaporation tube: evaporation tube has two functions, first play the role of sample rotation support shaft, and then through the evaporation tube, the vacuum system to absorb the sample;
3. Vacuum system: it is used to reduce the pressure of the rotary evaporator system;
4. Fluid heating pot, it is usually applied to water heating sample;
5. Condensed sample collection bottle: the sample is cooled and enters the collection bottle.

Application of laboratory rotary evaporator

Laboratory rotary evaporator is an indispensable instrument and equipment for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation, solvent recovery, and other processes in the scientific research and production process of pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products, and other industries. Laboratory rotary evaporator is developed by applying the principle of constant temperature heating and thin-film evaporation under vacuum negative pressure.

Unpacking, packaging, and closing the industrial rotary evaporator

1. Industrial rotary evaporator must be carried by the measuring personnel and must not be bumped or placed upside down. The industrial rotary evaporator must be transported in a cushioned shockproof box.
2. Before taking out the instrument, please place a tripod, put it on the tripod immediately after taking it out, and fix it with the center screw.
3. Before packaging the laboratory rotary evaporator, the observer must not leave the instrument.
4. After packaging the laboratory rotary evaporator, the brake screws should be fixed or loosened according to the type of the instrument. After placing the parts in their respective positions, you can gently close the cover and fix the hooks on both sides.
5. When closing the packing box, please pay attention to check whether the tools and accessories are firm, so as not to move and damage the instrument parts during transportation.
6. For boxes and lids, when you feel blocked, you should find out the reason, and then close them after removing them. Hard pressing and hard buckle are strictly prohibited.

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